Crude Oil Futures Trading in Nigeria

Nigeria oil and Gas Portal in partnership with Ava FX, offers a platform for the trading of crude oil futures and contract.

The Ava group is one of the world’s leading on-line forex and commodity trading brokers in the with more than 200,000 registered customers from over 160 countries executing two million {2,000,000} trades per month amounting to trading volumes exceeding $50 billion per month.

One of the more interesting things about trading crude oil futures and contract is the fact that the prices fluctuate on a regular basis. Many of these price swings are fairly predictable, especially when something happens on the world scene or if OPEC reduces their daily production in order to increase prices.

Please do register by clicking on the banner below and take advantage of the opportunities in online crude oil futures and contract trading.

HOW TO START ONLINE CRUDE OIL TRADING Crude Oil trading simply means the buying and selling of thousand barrels of crude oil at the strike price within the expiration date. Think of investing in crude oil as


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